Website JS network solutions

Website for JS network solutions :

Ik Hou Van Herman

CD cover, label and flyer for "Ik Hou Van Herman" by Bertus Borgers

Animation “Glowie”

Sounddesign and animation for SeeMe Displays

Webshop 6String

Webshop for book publisher 6String :

3D model Papendrecht

3D model voor Boer & De Rooij Projectontwikkeling van een nieuwbouwproject in Papendrecht Design : THVL architecten

Videoclip: Nova – “Get Lost”

 Videoproduction, concept, camera and editting

Artist impression “Verzonken Land”

Artist impression "Verzonken Land" Model by Peer van Ling Photography by Ruud van Deventer

JS leaflets

Leaflets for JS Network Solutions Photography by Ruud van Deventer

Webshop Abarth Exhausts

Webshop :  

Portfolio website THVL architecten

Website :

Identity SingShop

Website : Artwork restyling by Studio Giftig

Jimi’s wardrobe

Design en realisatie i.s.m. Frans Hendriks Photography : Ruud van Deventer

Website Rockalicious

Website :

Artist Impression “Renovatie Begijnhof”

Artist impression : Renovatie Begijnhof Design : THVL architecten

Blog Nova Borgers

Website : Photography : Ruud van Deventer

Sound design BenQ

Sound design : BenQ Europe

Identity “Ik hou van Herman”

Website : i.s.m. Brulkikker

3D model “IJssalon Kees”

Artist impression : IJssalon Kees Design : THVL architecten    

Artist impression “Shelter 8″

Artist impression : "Shelter 8" Architectural design : THVL    

Identity “DasZo”

Website, flyers & businesscards:  i.s.m. DasZo

Webdesign DuTeQ

Website : i.s.m. DasZo

Bandsite LEFT

Website : i.s.m. Brulkikker Artwork : Stijn Dirkx

Artwork DVD “Bertus Borgers”

CD & DVD : Bertus Borgers

Artist Impression “De Molen Banden”

Artist impression : De Molen Banden Design : THVL architecten

Flyer THVL architecten

Flyers : Ter Haar van Ling architecten

Identity “LEFT – The Quest For Fire”

Website, CD's, flyers, stickers, buttons & matchboxes : LEFT - Photography : Cindy Frey  / Artwork : Stijn Dirkx

Astoria businesscards

Businesscards :

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